Finding a Profitable Product

The first step to creating a profitable and scale-able Amazon business is product selection.  Join Mario for an overview to the various software programs that will assist you to research on Amazon US (and many other Amazon platforms).

Want to sell on Amazon AU?  Unfortunately, this platform is so new that there is no data available currently.  We will keep you updated when we find out more


No point in re-creating the wheel!  Download Mario’s very own Product Research Sheet and his 7 Golden Rules for Amazon Products below

We talk about heaps of different research tools, but where do you find them?


Below are links to many of our favourites.

Google Chrome browser

Jungle Scout Chrome extension – we recommend the Chrome extension, but the choice is yours

Viral Launch – save 30% on your first months subscription – use coupon code CIF at checkout

Revseller Chrome Extension – only works with a Professional Amazon account

Want the transcript from the video?  Download here