How the course works

Topic Progress:

The lessons in front of you are all designed to show you practical ways to get results – regardless of what stage you are at with Amazon.

Each lesson will contain a video with Mario demonstrating how to achieve a certain task, as well as provide a pdf download with a transcript of the video content, for those who like to have a written option or to refer to later. Some lessons will also contain topics, which are more specific breakdowns of the information. Once complete, click on “Back to Lesson” to return to the main lesson page.

Many lessons will also contain links to supporting documents, spreadsheets and even software programs that can assist you along the way. Please use them to make your life easier, and to get the results you want quicker!

We would love to hear about your progress, so don’t hesitate to post in the Facebook group and tell us how you are doing! If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email as we want to hear your thoughts!